About Me

Welcome to Michelle is cooking!

Thank you for visiting, and you guessed it, my name is Michelle! My blog is about my journey, and sharing all of it with you! I love to entertain family and friends with my amazing husband (the official food checker) living in beautiful northern Ontario. We keep pretty busy between the house, work, family, airplanes, camp, fishing, boating and hunting.


What the blog is all about

My blog is all about sharing great tried and tested recipes, some indulgent, and some healthy. Some of the recipes are old favourites, and some are inspirations from others, either way they are all delicious! Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think.

For aviation enthusiasts, my husbands passion is flying, and if we can fly there we fly!  We live in an amazing area and we are surrounded by over 4000 lakes and rivers.  I’m excited to share some of our northern life, which includes breathtaking scenery, flying around in small planes, sometimes on floats, sometimes wheels, and I haven’t tried the skis…yet.

The winter time here has that in between stage, everything is not quite frozen, which means ice fishing is best in March. So we try to escape to somewhere warm in January or February. We love to travel when we can, and the world is a beautiful place! I would like to share some of our experiences so you can see it too.

On occasion we will grab a bite to eat at one of our favourite places or look for a great new place to try wherever we are.  We used to have a group at work, a foodie club, and we would share and recommend some great places to grab something.  Basically if someone from the group recommended it, it was worth trying. So I’ll share some places and food that I’ve tried and more as I discover them.  If you have any great places you would recommend please share the details.

More about me

Years ago, when I was young and putting myself through school, I worked in various restaurants, including fine dining, where I had the privilege of working with some great chefs and cooks, and I was always curious and asking questions.  I have fond memories of those times but life progressed and I was married and had two boys, 15 months apart, along with many other life experiences. “You don’t take a class; you’re thrown into motherhood and learn from experience”*. Raising two boys, the day to day grind of working, trying to make something nutritious, and soccer; these are the things that make life rich. Now my boys are young men, and I am remarried to a wonderful man.

This man brought me to northern Ontario (its beautiful) where we remodeled the kitchen (aka my playground), and now I have more time to explore my passion for cooking. You see our love story began when a mutual friend thought we should meet. I was working at a very busy flight school and he has a business but loves to fly on the side. Just like something out of a hopeless romantic novel he swept me off my feet.

Thank you so very much for visiting my blog.  Your comments are appreciated in helping me to grow and learn how to shape this blog into something enjoyable.

Hope to see you again soon.



*Jennie Finch