Mushrooms in the Northern Ontario

Look at these amazing mushrooms from northern Ontario!

Check out the variety on one log!

Mushrooms! Walking through the woods in Northern Ontario, we came across this downed log which was covered and looks amazing.

Honey mushrooms on a log
Honey fungi

It was this log filled with different varieties of mushrooms that sparked an interest for me to understand what I was looking at. Are they poisonous? How can you tell?  I purchased two books on foraging, one specifically for Ontario, and of course I looked all over the internet.  I also sent my pictures to a professional forager for his opinion.  We were not eating anything until I was absolutely sure.  His name is Don King, a chef and forager – thank you Don for your guidance.  He was super helpful in identifying the varieties for me, and advising some that were questionable.

Here is another link for Chanterelles and their copy cat Jack-o-Lanterns 

Crown tipped coral

This is a beautiful display of a very large Crown tipped coral, which is edible and delicious! There are also many pear shaped Puffballs scattered around the log, which are also edible and delicious!

We cooked them up in a skillet with some butter and garlic – YUM!

When we went back the next season, armed with the new knowledge of what was okay to eat, this log did not produce remotely the amount or same mushrooms at all. However, we did find many other varieties because we knew what we were looking for, mostly. Always approach with a great deal of caution.

I have been corrected from my initial post that stated the mushrooms on the log were Chanterelles. They are actually Honey mushrooms and are not edible. However, they are just beautiful! Thank you for the comments and watching out for me. Cheers!

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  1. Hello Michelle,

    I was just checking out your website and I was looking at the picture of the downed log with the mushrooms on it. The caption on the picture is “Chanterelle mushrooms on a log”. I pretty sure that these are Honey Mushrooms – not Chanterelles. Honey mushroom grow in the fall and are delicious to eat and are very abundant in Northern Ontario. Chanterelles usually pop up in the spring and also grow in Northern Ontario and are delicious to eat. Nice pictures – Nice website!



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